Professional coffee machines for coffee business

Professional coffee machines for coffee business

Purchasing a coffee machine for commercial use, it is necessary to clearly understand the scope of application and the situation. "Cafe" is a collective term, which includes dining rooms with self-service system, café in the usual sense for us, restaurants, food courts in the shopping center, café-confectionery, mobile coffee shops on wheels, specialized institutions and much more. worth considering, that a coffee machine at home and its analogue for a coffee shop belong to different types of equipment.

Different personnel are selected to control the devices. Their responsibilities vary greatly in skills and available time.. If we consider a standard coffee shop, in which coffee is the main product, then the coffee machine here, usually, modern and far from budget, with the preparation of a high quality drink. The technique is operated by a specially trained person - a barista. Maintaining the image requires the purchase of professional carob coffee makers and free-standing coffee grinders.

Selection rules

  • Metal housing provides the device with heat resistance, significantly extends the service life and allows you to maintain the original appearance, regardless of the intensity of use.
  • Holder is better to choose stainless steel. Such a device will be as practical as possible, durable and reliable.
  • The boiler is designed to support the long-term operation of professional equipment. It boils water., makes espresso, beats milk. The range includes one- and double-boiler or multi-boiler machines. The volume of the boiler is directly related to the number of visitors.
  • Practical and easy-to-use remote vortex pumps.
  • The presence of indicators and sensors guarantees the protection of the device from overheating, leading to breakdown.
  • The option of electric heating for serving the treat in a hot dish eliminates quick cooling.

Varieties of coffee machines

Professional devices by type of control are divided into classifications:

  • manual or semi-automatic;
  • fully automatic;
  • combined.


Work on the principle of loading ground beans to make one serving of coffee. Models are ideal for domestic use. However, they are not designed for intensive operation and a large flow of customers..

Pros of semi-automatic coffee machines

  • Semi-automatic coffee machines were invented in 1940 year by Italian manufacturer. They are satisfied with the inexpensive maintenance and reliable.
  • Are the most popular type of home use and the most affordable option for many.
  • Coffee equipment creates a guaranteed pressure - the optimal range for the preparation of espresso coffee.


The device independently prepares a drink, a person is only required to load the necessary components and select the appropriate mode. The user himself chooses the desired proportions and simply presses the cooking button. The device has a self-cleaning function, with the help of which accumulated waste is removed.

Pros of automatic coffee machines

  • Cooking espresso does not take more than a minute.
  • The coffee machine performs the entire coffee making cycle. The device will do all that, what a barista does: grain grinding, tampers, doses a portion of ground coffee, brews and pours the finished drink into a cup.
  • Quality coffee is influenced by many criteria, such as competent tamper, dosage and brewing at a certain temperature.
  • Coffee equipment with built-in coffee grinder will serve a snow drink from coffee beans.
  • Cooking on an automatic coffee machine will take no more than a minute.

In the online store you can pick up and buy an automatic coffee machine in St. Petersburg with delivery.


Such coffee machines are as functional as possible, they offer a large selection of recipes. With their help, you can prepare a latte, lungo, macchiato and more. The menu includes a treat of different types of coffee or a fragrant drink without caffeine. The device is connected to the water supply system and prepares daily up to six cups of coffee. Among the disadvantages in the first place is the high price of the device. Costs pay off only after a certain time and under certain conditions.

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