Car detailing. what, what for, how does it look?

Car detailing. what, what for, how does it look?

Car detailing. what, what for, how does it look?

This is a collection of services, aimed at professional car body and interior care. Detailing is now widespread in all countries, and ours is no exception. These services may include a car wash, dry cleaning, polishing, tuning, dent removal. You can easily find a company in your city, who does it, just by typing a request on the Internet.

Even by opening social networks, you can choose from the whole variety of offers, which suits you according to the required characteristics and cost. Detailing procedures are most often used by high-class cars. But Taxi drivers 3933 claim, that a couple of times a year you can drive your car to this type of service.


Thanks to such a car procedure, the aesthetic perception of the body can be restored. Even eliminate minor scratches, cracks and dirt, which are not washed off by ordinary washing.

The metal coating itself will become smooth and shiny without painting or varnishing. The return to the car of the lost shine and shade favorably emphasizes the external advantages of the car, and its operation makes it even more pleasant. by the way, polishing is recommended before selling, to give the car at a profitable cost for the seller. Polishing the car with special means (pastes) and tools.


All motorists know about this service, but in this case, it goes in conjunction with other measures to improve the appearance of the car. Qualified specialists will clean the machine from dirt even in very difficult places, where the driver himself is unlikely to strive.

As a result, you get an absolutely clean interior and body., shiny rims and perfectly washed tires. Glasses are striking in their cleanliness, and the interior space is fresh.

Removing dents

During constant use of the car, small damage to the body surface often appears., in particular dents. This is an unpleasant thing., especially when this situation occurs with a new or very expensive car. In a taxi 3933 there is an opinion, that it is better to straighten the dent right away, until metal corrosion begins.

This procedure is possible in several ways.:

  • tapping with special rubber or plastic hammers;
  • with a magnet. This method is good for small and shallow lesions.;
  • vacuum suction cups;
  • applying hot glue to the damaged surface.

Another additional service, which can be attributed to detailing, this is wrapping the body with a polyurethane film, it helps to protect the paintwork of the car from minor damage on the road.

Additional services

Taxi Employees 3933 told about additional detailing procedures, which will not only decorate the car, but will protect him. And you can order a taxi here!

Anti-rain - protecting the car from the negative effects of the environment. The special composition repels liquid on the treated surface.

Ceramic body treatment not only preserves the attractive appearance of the car, but also guarantees easy cleaning in the future, forming a gloss on the entire surface.

Padding the salon - the procedure is quite understandable. You can change the style inside the car in a short time and replace the damaged upholstery with a new one.

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