Why do you need a certificate of conformity for a quadcopter?

Why do you need a certificate of conformity for a quadcopter?

Nowadays, quadcopters (drones or drones) firmly entered everyday life. These devices are used for both entertainment, and for professional needs (video- and photography, studies of the terrain, etc.).

Quadrocopters vary in:

  • class (diagonal size) - from 200 to 450 mm and more;
  • purpose - for entertainment, professional, racing, etc.;
  • flight time on one battery charge - from 10 minutes or more;
  • signal range;
  • presence / absence of GPS module, stabilizing camera gimbal and other.

If the company plans to produce / import drones to the market, then she needs to issue permits for quadcopters. Mandatory is a certificate according to TR CU, which is issued based on the results of mandatory conformity assessment.

note! If the company has not timely issued a certificate for TR CU, then she cannot be held liable.

On the basis of which a certificate for a quadcopter is issued?

Quadrocopters are subject to TR TS 020/2011, which legally establish requirements for the safety of technical equipment in terms of electromagnetic compatibility.

Given the fact, that the drones have a built-in battery and are charged from the mains, then the chargers themselves are subject to mandatory assessment according to TR CU 004/2011.

Important! According to the RF PP No. 658 dated 25 May 2019 unmanned aerial vehicles, whose mass does not exceed 30 kg, and the flight altitude is 150 m, are subject to mandatory state. registration before operation. If the dimensions and range of the drone are higher, then a special permit is issued in the Unified Air Traffic Management System

What does the lack of a certificate lead to??

If the manufacturer or importer did not issue the permits in a timely manner, then according to the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation:

  • penalties, the amounts of which can reach 600 thousand. rubles;
  • withdrawal of devices from circulation in the market;
  • suspension of the activity of a legal entity (term can reach 90 days).

Drones certification process according to TR CU

Quadrocopter certification is carried out with the assistance of specialists.

A set of documents for mandatory conformity assessment in accordance with TR CU:

  • application;
  • information about the quadcopter - nomenclature of goods subject to foreign trade code, technical and operational characteristics;
  • Passport products, RE (manual);
  • information about the applicant's company - scans of certificates of OGRN / INN, details for drawing up a contract;
  • if devices are imported into the EAEU - DUL or a supply agreement with attachments (invoice, specification);
  • other.

A certificate for a quadrocopter according to TR TS is registered based on the results of laboratory tests (based on PI - test report). To obtain it, samples are transported to a laboratory for verification..

If the company carries out serial production of drones, then before the tests, an examination of the production itself is carried out, based on the results of which the TSA act is drawn up.

The certificate for quadcopters is being registered for 1-5 years old.

After certification, a mandatory mark of the Eurasian conformity - "EAC" is applied to the product labeling.

Features of quadcopter tests

Tests are carried out in the laboratory.

The main regulatory and technical acts for conducting expert examinations are the CU TR 020/2011, TR TS 004/2011 (for chargers for quadcopter), GOST R 57258-2016 and other documents.

Drone research is carried out according to such indicators, as:

  • impact resistance of the case due to falls from a height;
  • basic flight characteristics;
  • absence of electromagnetic interference during operation;
  • moisture resistance of the case;
  • lack of prohibited materials in the design;
  • vibration resistance;
  • and others

Test results are recorded in the protocol.

The protocol is assigned a number. One copy of the document is issued to the applicant, the second - remains in the laboratory.

The protocol contains information about the laboratory (Name of the organization, location), data about the product and the manufacturer, list of applied research methods, normative and technical documents (GOST and MUK, defining test procedure) and other information.

Why voluntary certification of quadcopters is needed?

The voluntary certificate is used when entering new markets, when bidding, to create a business reputation and a favorable investment climate for the company, etc. The document additionally confirms the quality of products in accordance with GOST and TU, and for voluntary certification, you need to contact specialists.

Quadrocopters need to develop technical specifications, obtain a product passport with its main characteristics, operation / repair manual, as well as labels.

Questions remain? Call the specialists of Rostest Ural on the hotline and get a free consultation on the preparation of permits!

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