A receipt for the loan of money

A receipt for the loan of money

written receipts, as many people think, this is the most comfortable method of strengthening financial relations, for example, the capture of loan finance, fulfillment of specific commitments in a particular period and another. But control of the relationship with the help of receipts has both positive aspects, for example, speed and availability, and negative. This article will discuss those aspects, on which to concentrate during its writing.

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written receipts – is nothing but, as the debt contract. In accordance with the law on the debt contract one party (creditor) It gives possession of the second participant (the debtor) finance or other items, specified generic characteristics, and the debtor assumes the obligation to return to the lender the same amount of the debt or the same number of objects of the same kind and properties. The debt agreement is formalized from the time of sending money or other items, regulated generic characteristics.

In accordance with the legislation as proof of registration of the loan agreement and its terms and conditions may provide the borrower a receipt or other document, approving sending him lender specific financial amount or a specific number of items.

The legislator has provided not just the concept of “receipts debtor”. From this it is evident, that it would be better to write this receipt to the debtor's hand, since then the situation may appear, when the borrower will stipulate drafting them what some written papers. In this situation, using a handwriting test pieces will be possible to find out, that a particular text is handed individual.

You need to know, that eyewitness testimony can not be a direct transfer or arguments neperesylki Finance. The law directly involves, that when the debt issue a written contract, decree of judicial institutions can not be based on the testimony of eyewitnesses to the argument that, that finance or things actually were not acquired by the debtor or the creditor were purchased in a smaller number, than envisaged contract.

More will not be superfluous to write on the receipt time of loan repayment. In the future, it can simplify the algorithm of mandatory penalties Loan. The law requires, that the debtor must return the debt to the creditor (finances in the same amount or items, regulated generic characteristics, the same amount, that quality, which were given to him by the creditor) during the period and in the form of, rehlamentyrovannыe contract. When the contract is not established during the return of the debt or the period determined by the time of nomination requirements, debt the debtor is obliged to return for 30 days from the filing of creditors' claims on this, when otherwise regulated by contract.

More need to write on the receipt the passport data of the debtor and the data on its registration, as transmitted to the statement of claim to the courts for enforcement of the loan was possible to easily find out the jurisdiction of the conflict and TIN data on debtor, to facilitate the activities of registrars to search for the property of the borrower to the likelihood of the claim sent by.

We need to pay attention, that the law is formulated in such a way, that fact approve sending the lender to the borrower a specific amount can only be written receipts or other papers.

That is, in the financial relations argument transmission / or transmission of Finance will only written arguments. Witness statements only indirect arguments may be in this situation,, and evaluated together with other direct arguments, when there are such. In other words, Only one eyewitness accounts can not argue the fact of the transfer or non-transfer finance.

We recommend that you do not rely on the good faith of the debtor at the time of the taking of debt. Be aware, that debt can be, with interest for the use of, as well as failure to return the money within the prescribed period in the receipt, you have the right to pay interest on overdue financial obligations. Therefore it is advisable to foresee when writing receipts the amount of interest, algorithm of their payment and the size of penalties in case of default of duties.

At voluntary monetary compensation or other damages brought, required condition – receipts writing, which approves cash settlement between 2 parties to the conflict.

This is done, to avoid claims for damages again. Receipt can be created at each stage, immediately after the damage and the process of, or when discussing it to the courts.

What it is?

The receipt of damages - a written paper, which confirms the shipment of Finance victim. because, in this matter the main thing - to draw up a receipt, so that in case of dispute, to prevent repeated victim of damage compensation requests for the second time.

It is possible to write in an accident, flooding the apartment, etc..

Features receipts

In accordance with Article 15 Of the Civil Code a person, whose rights have been violated, may ask for the full damages.

In this case, under an injury meant:

  • face costs, whose rights have been trampled.
  • real harm, which includes the price of the lost or damaged property.
  • Lost profit entity, whose rights have been violated.

In accordance with Art. 151 GK, when a person is inflicted moral damage, sudkbnoe agency may require financial compensation for non-pecuniary damage, caused by the culprit.

In this case, in regulating the extent of damage judicial institution takes into account the level of guilt of the offender and other factors. Besides, when calculating the losses taken into account the degree of physical and emotional suffering, that bind to the personal characteristics of the person, which harmed.

Compensation for material and moral damages – it is not profit, because with him and do not take tax. Article. 25 Code of Criminal Procedure provides for the likelihood of completion of the criminal proceedings, if the offender has reconciled with the victim and to make amends for the damage caused to them.

Article. 76 Of the Criminal Code describes the probability of evading criminal proceedings, if a person has established peace with the victims.

What it has to be in receipt of the loan acquisition?

Type can be released free, However, the following information must be displayed in it:

  • the initials of, who purchase and finance of, who transmits them. More must specify the passport information $
  • Finance acquired size (numbers and text). It should be noted, that the discrepancy amounts legally recognized right that, which is composed of words. More must specify, the currency in which the money received.

The basis of the transfer of funds

When this phrase is not, that when difficulties arise it is necessary to argue, for which finance was transferred.

Like any other paper, receipt must include the number of drawing and painting.

In some cases, created

Write a receipt at the request of the participants, the lender is at risk, if it does not. Lawmaker asks, that the amount of debt more 1 thousand rubles shall be made out on paper, by means of drawing up an agreement or receipts.

Acquiring finance loan, Borrower must confirm in writing that fact. Often contractors err, approving of his paintings, specifying the conditions: pSizes, interest, return period, responsibility and sign, make the reception and transmission of Finance.

At the lender and the borrower is believed, that we fulfilled all yurdeystviya to acquire credits. Be aware, that the debt contract - a written agreement between the parties on the occurrence of associated liabilities, finance and transfer is required to confirm receipt. It makes it possible in the future to avoid contentious cases.

Then, when a conflict arises between the parties and study in the judicial institution creditor has not received the transmission of Finance argue debtor, as these conditions are confirmed by a written paper.

When finance is transferred through the banking institution on the card or the account of the borrower, the receipt can not write. When you return the borrowed funds and interest payment receipt must give the lender. Constitute receipt and proof of purchase of finances in each civil contract.

Where should preserve

Voucher for damages after the preparation is required to be sent face, transferor finances. the, who brought damage, I am obliged to keep a receipt of 3 years old. When redress do with the investigation, or a meeting of a judicial institution. Then a receipt is applied to the material.

Now there are many tehsredstv, which allow otkserit document, but it must be remembered, that only the printed paper may raise doubts, therefore it is better to deliver the judicial institution confirmed photocopy.

Often there are situations, in which the victim is trying to get finance for damages. In this case it is possible to go to court archives, in order to purchase a copy of any document.

Types of road accidents

Even when the driver is driving very carefully, it is absolutely necessary to advance to meet the, how to be a receipt of accidents sides. So it is impossible to foresee, when needed.

At the moment, often following receipts are used:

  • About tom, that no complaints.
  • For damages.

At the moment, every action or bezdeyanie can cause consequences solid. However, they have not always a real character. for example, often happens accident, but the claims of his party are absent.

In this case, you need to protect yourself in case, when someone wants to act dishonestly. For this purpose it is necessary to make receipt of, that no complaints. This is a serious paper, which is confirmed by a list of the registering person.

If it is possible, you must consider the pattern drafting this paper - it will prevent the escape of different types of errors.

Voucher for damages as a result of an accident is paper, which has a significant yursilu. On its basis it will be possible to purchase the required amount for the repair of the financial.

The practice of drawing up receipts when a traffic accident has a significant extension to the adoption of the law on compulsory motor TPL. But sometimes write data released today. It must be remembered, that caused damage can be estimated initially incorrectly. Because they can always be something not obvious at first sight defects.

It is for this reason to use this method of incident resolution only in case, when the minimum damage. Or, require other finances, which differ from the confirmed receipt it will be difficult to.

Compensation of damage caused by flooding

Claim in case of flooding can be sent to any part of the day. More need to create stated in the Criminal Code or a supervisory organization in the field of urban utilities.

By flooding the apartment you want to create, and to invite the commission to determine the causes of flooding. The Commission is required to study how flooding of apartment, and subsequent.

Often, regardless of the harm brought, guilty and the victim can not peacefully discuss the difficulty, and decisive decision is a judicial institution. In view of the prevalence of these cases, obtain specific jurisprudence.

first, that must be complied, regardless of the amount of damage to property, prove it acquired documented harm. In this situation constitute a receipt for damages.

To purchase damages, undertaken by flooding, We need to find:

  • the fact of damage.
  • The size of the damage.
  • Face, responsible for damage.

To calculate the amount of the loss in case of flooding is necessary to calculate the loss. Counted the damage have to be present. Size losses must voice guilty of flooding. When he agrees to compensate the damage voluntarily, it can take the victim's receipt, calculation of loss amount.

In drawing up the receipts have to be 2 a witness. Receipt creates acquiring finances. the, that no future claims are best for, who flooded the room. After all, the victim may then appear some imperceptible at first glance the damage from flooding.

Tips for design

When creating receipts must be applied certain instructions:

  • You should check, paper to both parties, who are involved in the transaction, It is available in the desired state.
  • The contract is obliged to include all information about the participants of the agreement.
  • It must be ensured, that is similar to painting in paper, as in passport.
  • It is better, that in the paper was regulated, on the basis of which are finance.
  • It should be noted not only a period of creating receipts, However, Finance Shipping time for the correct calculation of the limitation period of time.
  • It is better to hand write a receipt, to simplify the analysis of forensic agency.
  • It is impossible to leave empty lines between text, parties to the transaction may indicate “lime” information.

The receipt for the purchase money is not part of the sale and purchase agreement and is not given in the registration of property rights. It is the guarantor of correct transactions.

A receipt for damage compensation is made, to the victim again not required to compensate him for the second time. Jurists recommended to call witnesses in approving the agreement, that could confirm the validity of the transaction in disputed cases,.

Sample receipts for cash received loan

Download a sample of a receipt for the loan of money in .doc format

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