Legal Reference System Consultant Plus

Legal Reference System Consultant Plus

Consultant Plus contains in its reference database more than two hundred million different legislative, legal instruments, a basis for judicial practice and comments on many documents. This commercial directory has the most extensive database in the Russian Federation and is constantly updated, updated.

Do you need the entire Consultant Plus database?

Given the fact, that for work a narrow specialist does not need access to all documents Consultant Plus, it is quite possible to choose and pay for a subscription only to the necessary blocks, and individual documents can be requested free of charge. The full version of Consultant Plus is available from the official RIC RUNE here (with free access to 3 day). Next, we'll figure it out, why it is worth contacting the CONSULTING GROUP RUNA and what are its advantages in servicing and supporting its clients.

If you don't need a complete database, then easily buy access to other parts at any time, if the scope of the company's activities is expanding and previous access is not enough. On request, you will be sent the missing documents, not included in the subscription.

There are ready-made selections, for specific areas of use:

  1. Universal version;
  2. For business;
  3. For lawyers;
  4. For accountants;
  5. For budget organizations.

Also available convenient constructor, as shown in the following photo.

Why it is profitable to contact a consulting group, such as RUNE?

After the conclusion of the contract and with the current contract, some services are provided free of charge, under the customer support program. You can contact the company's specialists for any questions, related to the Consultant Plus system. Access to seminars on taxation and accounting is also provided, running distance learning, ready-made video tutorials, etc..

The set of free services includes:

  1. Access to your personal account, where everything is collected in one place.
  2. News app for iOS and Android phone.
  3. Customer Hotline, for prompt resolution of issues, ordering the necessary documents, verification of counterparties and other consultation on the materials of the Consultant Plus system.
  4. Technical support for installation and configuration online or with a visit to the office, renewal, transfer to another computer, adding new users, etc..
  5. Training consultantPlus full-time, remotely or in the format of online courses.
  6. Training events for specialists in the field of jurisprudence, Accounting, HR records management in the format of webinars, lectures, records and courses.
  7. Collections of recent changes in laws and thematic collections, systematized in certain directions.
  8. A selection of useful magazines, Newsletters, flyers with checklists and frequently asked questions.

There are often changes in legislative matters, Amendments, sometimes you need an urgent consultation or a document, therefore the company RUNA – It's a great option for your company. Specialists will always help and help out, will provide you with more, what is included in the usual access to the reference and legal system Consultant Plus.

Runa also helps clients in other areas and areas:

Find out more at the hotline number 8 495 260-7888 or come for consultations at: g. Moscow, St. Krzyzanowski, d. 29, Corp. 1.


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