The receipt of the donation money

The receipt of the donation money

Because charitable donations are tax deductible to the donor and non-profit organization subject to reporting, a receipt for the donation should include specific information on the cost of the donation and that, that got in return a benefactor.

It is important to examine the recommendations on, that should be included in a receipt, what information is required. The presenter can create a simple receipt for the donation on your computer or by hand.

Phase of the donation receipts for cash

The first step is to choose the form of writing. The receipt does not have to conform to some particular style. It can be made in the form of a written document or in electronic format.

The next step is to specify its name and status. One of the most important subjects, to be included in a receipt for a donation, is the name of your charity, or information about, that the donor is an individual. Besides, you must specify the type of organization, such that it is a non-profit

It is important to specify the name of the donor and the full details of it. The receipt must clearly state the name of the donor. If the receipt is made on the basis of the check, his name can be specified in a check or other receipt.

I should add more information about the donation. You will need to specify the date of donation, and the amount of donations. If the donation was not cash, you need to add this information. Sometimes the donations can be transferred not only money, but certain things, material values, precious stones or metals. All this information must be contained in the instrument of donation.

for example, if the donor has decided to donate a school or a class of new computers, description of this fact can be of the specific form of: "Donor (F.I.O.) given as a donation Fourteen new desktops ". Be sure to include the brand and type of computers. If the donation is a vehicle, you must specify the VIN number.

It should be pointed, whether the donor received something in exchange for a donation. There are differences between donations, made without retaliation and donations, for which the donor receives goods or services in return. This distinction is made because, that only the amount of, exceeding the value of the goods or services, considered tax.

for example, if someone donated money and in return, I received a particular service or item, then you must provide a description of, I received a donor, and the approximate cost of those goods or services.

but, if someone just gave computers, as it indicated in Example, and in return I got nothing - it means, that he did it purely for donation. In this case, you must specify, that the donor did not receive the goods or services in exchange for a donation.

A property obtained in return are considered insignificant and do not qualify as a product or service.

Compiled form must be signed. This procedure applies to both of donation on behalf of the organization, as well as by private individuals. signature confirms, that a party wishing to participate in charity to create a document and signed it on a voluntary basis.

There should be a difference between the receipt, thank-you letter and the object itself donation. If the donor wishes, he can include a letter of thanks and send it separately from donations. Receipt of the amount paid donations is created with the purpose of taxation, a letter of thanks to the donor acknowledges the contribution to the organization and directed the donation to some particular person. Receipt, a letter and a receipt can be sent in the same envelope, but they must be written on separate sheets of paper. In this way, the donor can send a letter of thanks, but at the same time, without disclosing that, exactly what amount was donated.

It is important to keep a copy of. If there is a need to write a receipt manually or it was created in such a way, that the donor is not a cached copy on your computer, you should make a copy of the receipt. for example, there is an option to make a photocopy or scan it into the computer. A copy may be needed later for the purposes of taxation. Some organizations use a receipt, which is a copy of the receipt is automatically.

Be sure to keep a copy of the receipt, if the amount of the donation exceeds 250 US $. To file a claim for a tax 250 US $, from the donor must be a written confirmation of the charity.

Design and content of receipts of donation money

The receipt may be made in any form. Its content can be easily changed and adapted to the specific conditions of the situation, but it is important to try to maintain its structure and provide a full set of details, to display the desired information. Namely:

  • title: "The receipt of the receipt of cash gifting";
  • city ​​and date format: "___" _________ 20__;
  • surname, name, patronymic and date of birth;
  • place of residence;
  • passport data, by whom, where and when issued;
  • phrase about getting donations in the form of: "I received as a donation from (FI. donor);
  • surname, name, patronymic, Date of Birth, place of residence, passport details of the donor, by whom, where and when issued;
  • amount of donation money;
  • signature, surname, name, compiler patronymic, in full.

In addition to these mandatory particulars, it would also be very useful and necessary, Receipts to the compiler include the following information in the content of the document:

  • as donations and contributions used. for example, if the money were donated, then how to use them to serve the cause of improving the organization. The receipt for donations in the form of property, may contain information that, how they were used;
  • specify the organization's goals and objectives. This will be especially helpful to the benefactors, who would also like to know, their tools help organizations to move towards achieving its goals;
  • Information about, what the company currently. Such data will help define volunteer activities, that the organization plans to make in the future.

Kind donations

Cash donations are divided into the following types:

  • single donations;
  • multiple donations;
  • non-cash donations.

If the donor makes a monetary contribution, he is obliged to keep records about him, in any form. Endows must keep a receipt from the charitable organization, bank receipt, credit card statement or receipt, which is able to indicate the name of the organization, the date of the donation and the amount.

Written confirmation of receipt of contributions should include: amount of cash, that were donated, indicate the type of goods or services received in return, It contains information on the value of those goods or services. Date donations should be included in confirming the transfer of money, paper.

For multiple cash donations the same rules apply, as for the one-off donations.

Experts in these matters encouraged to listen to an important point: never give cash, as part of the donation. It is advisable to use your credit card or check.

If bestow party receives non-cash donations, it must obtain and keep a receipt with the name of the organization, date and location perfect contribution. It should describe the donated property in detail and specify the fair market value of donations.

Why is it important to have documents confirming the transfer of the money as charity?

Receipts and receipts play an important role for private benefactors, and for the entire non-profit organizations. Below is a list of the important reasons for the confirmation receipts and directions to bestow those donations:

For private benefactors benefactors important reasons are as follows:

  • donors can receive payments from their taxes, associated with charity work, if they have documents to prove their actions, - namely, donations;
  • receipts are proof, that their donations were received by people or organizations, they were given;
  • receipts and checks also help keep track of your donations, contributions and finances, sent as a charity, directing all funds on track.

For non-profit organizations, important reasons for obtaining supporting documents, lie in the following points:

  • receipts are legal documents, satisfy the legal requirements for non-profit organizations. When tax authorities ask for such documents, and the organization can present their, they may be charged, and fined, the size of which will depend on the cause donation;
  • as well as individuals, organization using the receipts can keep track of all the contributions they have committed, and donors it, where there were donations;
  • organizations can use the supporting documents and receipts for donations, to produce accurate reports in the preparation of the movement of all Treasury.

A receipt for the donation, or a certain amount of money to provide protection to both parties and will help capture all the actual data. Due to this, even after a fairly long period of time, It is not difficult to establish the real picture of the events at that time.

Sample receipts for cash donation

Download sample donation receipts for cash in .doc format

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