The receipt for refund

The receipt for refund

All financial transactions require documentary evidence, especially when it comes to large amounts. IOUs and the refund is also very important documents, providing protection of the interests of both sides. Business partners can protect themselves from accidental and intentional errors, thereby putting themselves at risk to suffer material losses.

The receipt of cash return borrowed allows the debtor to confirm the fact, that the debt he had taken funds were returned on time and in full. In addition, the receipt will allow to point out, that the lender also confirms the fact that the adoption of a monetary sum, previously given into debt.

Spellings receipts

All financial partners have the opportunity to choose the most convenient form of compiling receipts. they, It's easy to use a specific version, can not agree on the drafting of a document in a different form. Share three main options for the preparation of receipts:

  • Writing a document manually on paper;
  • preparation of an electronic document;
  • form filling.

Before you choose a suitable option, should refer to the positive and negative aspects of each option.

Writing the document personally allows for accurate forensic handwriting, to establish the authorship of the compiler. The disadvantages of the document in this form are numerous errors, blots and corrections, due to which the document will have to be re. Undetected errors or inaccuracies that could cause, that the receipt will be invalidated. The document drawn up by this method is difficult to make a new to-date information.

Drawing up an electronic document will provide a neat paper without errors and erasures. This eliminates the occurrence of claims to the illegibility of the text or misinterpretation records. The electronic document is very easy to enter new information or correct old. The Parties may exchange receipts by e-mail, This saves time and money as opposed to registered letters. The disadvantage of this paper is considered to be the difficulty in establishing the authorship, type the text as may any person. Only one signature on the document is not sufficient to enable experts to establish the present receipts author.

Filling out the form is more popular. This type is considered to be combined. The content of this document a lot of the Capital of the text for the attribution, and the main text is printed in neat letters. Forms can be expanded in the right quantity, if the sample is stored in the form electronically, then it is easy to make the necessary data or correct some nuances. Also, blank advantages are, that such documents are filled quickly, It is usually enough to make a date, the amount and sign.

Mandatory information to be included in a receipt for a refund

The receipt for the return of funds previously borrowed, It is a document of a narrow focus, therefore, the information in it must be specific and clearly reflects the essence of a financial transaction. When the parties have decided on the, in what form the document will be drawn up, should examine the content and the, what information it should contain. Since this is a cash transfer, it is essential to write a clear sentence about, what amount has been transferred and received financial partner. Among the main details of the parties should be referred:

  • the debtor's phone number and other contact information;
  • place and date of making receipts;
  • target, in connection with a transfer of money took place, in this case – debt;
  • the amount of the returned funds in figures and words, for the faithful interpretation of records;
  • signatures of both parties and full decoding them.

If the parties are worried about the fact, that their document is correctly, check its accuracy is very simple. It is important when drawing up the document to make sure the next:

  • read the text well, there is no controversial opinion after reading it;
  • made and transcribed the complete data on all participants in the transaction;
  • there is a signature on each side;
  • bear precise and accurate date;
  • no errors and corrections.

The law does not impose certain strict requirements for the form of receipts and compose documents in any form. However, it is important to take into account the specific procedure for entering data. Namely:

  • title of the document should be written at the beginning, in the center;
  • the date and city, in which the signing of the receipt of the refund;
  • Information about cash refund should be as specific and complete as possible.

The receipt must contain the following information:

  • FI. composer and partner, with details;
  • precise phrase: "... I received a refund from the citizen ...";
  • passport details of the parties, by whom and where it was issued;
  • the size of the amount of money;
  • "... the money is received by me (HH / MM / YY)»;
  • Information about, that the parties have no claims to each other;
  • refund is made in full.

If this financial issue featured other persons - witnesses, it is worth remembering a few rules. Namely:

  • witness must sign the document and the signatures of the parties;
  • their name, name and surname must be written entirely by the originator;
  • passport details of the witnesses must include the following information: series, issued by, place of residence.

The receipt of cash refund will be full guarantee, that the debtor fully pay off the lender, and he for his part will regain previously borrowed funds in full size. Document will confirm, that each of the parties to fulfill their obligations to each other.

Sample receipts for refund

Download a sample of receipts of cash return in .doc format

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