Registration of individual entrepreneurs via the Internet

Registration of individual entrepreneurs via the Internet

This article will help the future of the individual entrepreneur to save time, using an online registration application. The Internet has become in modern life, and now many government agencies provide an opportunity to submit an application electronically through the official portal service. The Federal Tax Service today provides a number of e-services, including listed and online registration of individual entrepreneurs. In this way, citizen may submit an application and the required documents for registration to the tax office without leaving home, if he has access to the global network.

Who can apply to the online registration process PI?

Application for registration of individual entrepreneurs through the Internet can arrange how the applicant, and its official representative (a notary or a substitute representative), who can confirm the authenticity of the digital signature on the registration statement.

For, that citizens had the opportunity to submit an online application, he must first obtain a digital signature key, and a valid electronic signature key certificate.

On the official website of the Federal Tax Service Set list of notaries and their surrogate representatives, who have the authority to transfer an application for registration to the tax office. The process of obtaining the certificate of the signature key and a digital signature key has been covered by many applicants at the time of filing of electronic reporting to the Federal Tax Service authority over the Internet.

The process of online registration of IP consists of several stages:

Online registration process consists of several stages

Stage 1

The applicant must scan all the necessary documents for registration SP strictly according to the FNS website specified list. When scanning documents, which include more than one page, to work in the mode of a file and adhere to the following specifications: BW format, permission 300x300 dpi, color depth 1 bit. The finished document should be submitted in TIF format.

Stage 2

The applicant signed his electronic signature, or the signature of a substitute notary each document, presented in a separate file.

Stage 3

From the official portal FNS need to download specialized software and install it on the applicant's computer. With the help of this program, the applicant may submit an application for registration of IP.

Stage 4

All prepared electronic documents the applicant must be packed in a special electronic transport container, to send it to the Federal Tax Service Authority. Program batch preparation of electronic documents the applicant can also be downloaded from the official portal of the Federal Tax Service. Together with the program service offers download the user guide on how to install and use.

Stage 5

Next, the applicant must go to the official portal of the Federal Tax Service in the service profile, through which the filing of documents in electronic form on the state registration. After filling in all the necessary details, the applicant is making an electronic shipping container and send documents to the. In that case, if done correctly, to e-mail the applicant an e-mail comes with a unique number, confirming the fact of delivery of the package to the tax office. A unique number will help keep track of the applicant pending a declaration using a special service on the official portal of the Federal Tax Service, which is called "Information about the results of treatment directed to the registration authority documents".

Stage 6

If the applicant correctly execute all documents, then the next day on e-mail message goes to the receipt of the tax service of, that the documents accepted for execution.

Stage 7

Finished documents for registration of an individual entrepreneur applicant can get in the way, which has been selected and specified in the application when filing the tax office.

Using the described action scheme, Any applicant can properly execute and submit documents for online registration of individual entrepreneur.

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