How to choose a computer desk for the office

How to choose a computer desk for the office

Correctly selected office furniture is a guarantee of comfortable work throughout the day. Одним из главных предметов интерьера в современном офисе является стол для компьютера. Он должен быть удобным и функциональным, с отделениями для документов и канцелярии, а также хорошо вписываться в общую концепцию помещения и стоять в подходящем по отношению к окнам и двери месте. Все нюансы и полезные советы по выбору мы собрали в этой статье.

Start from shape and size

First of all, you need to decide, where exactly will the furniture be. Some people like to work facing the door., to see people entering the room, others, on the contrary - prefer not to be distracted by strangers and are located near the wall. Consider the location of the lighting fixtures or how the sunlight falls: it should not glare from the monitor screen, but also putting the table in a dark corner is a bad idea. Appreciate and proximity to the outlet: computer and other office equipment need a power source, а возиться с удлинителями и проводами — не самое приятное дело.

Когда место для мебели выбрано, пора измерить свободное пространство. Прикиньте предполагаемые параметры будущего стола, и не забудьте оставить место для свободной ходьбы и стула. Оптимальное расстояние от глаз человека до экрана монитора составляет 80-100 сантиметров, поэтому выбирайте мебель с соответствующей по размерам столешницей. Нужно учесть и высоту: в среднем для взрослого человека среднего роста (160-180 cm) идеально подходит мебель высотой 65-80 cm.

Определившись с габаритами, go directly to the selection of a table with suitable parameters. If space allows, you can dwell on classic rectangular models or interesting design solutions of a creative form. Every square centimeter counts? Take a look at compact square furniture with ergonomic shelving. If you have to work behind a large monitor, you can pay attention to large-sized corner tables with a deep work area.

Rate the functionality

You can sit at the office desk for hours, depending on the type of activity, therefore it is important, so that all the items necessary for work are at hand. Evaluate the furniture by the number and capacity of shelves and drawers somewhere you will have to put documents, personal belongings, favorite cup and other little things. If you work at a desktop computer, a plus will be the presence of a special pull-out shelf for the system unit. If table mobility is important to you, pay attention to the presence of furniture casters. Important, so that all parts are of high quality and have reliable assembly, and on the furniture itself there were no dangerous sharp, protruding seats.

Design and material are important too

Dimensions and functionality are, certainly, the main thing, but do not forget about the appearance of the furniture. It should be pleasing to the eye and fit well into the overall concept of the office space.. If finances permit, better to look towards sustainable and durable natural wood tables. An alternative would be high-quality MDF or chipboard with a hygienic certificate. Tables made of metal and plastic are practically not found today., since there are more minuses in them, than pluses. Если же речь идет о столе руководителя, можно взглянуть на эксклюзивные, дизайнерские модели из закаленного стекла.

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