Property of the production cooperative

Property of the production cooperative

Participation in cooperative societies presupposes joint work to improve the material well-being. Finance in a developing database created by the financial contributions of participants. Property of the production cooperative is divided into shares in accordance with the statute of the enterprise.

Appointment and composition of PC assets

Property of the production cooperativeAssociation of organizations and individuals in society is inextricably linked with the unification of their mutual contributions and work effort (Finance). Owner of the property Production Cooperative, allowing it to maintain financial and economic activity for the satisfaction of material and other needs of the participants. The property is divided into a production cooperative:

  • fixed assets;
  • securities and other similar assets;
  • unfinished capital-intensive projects;
  • debentures.
  • long-term investments;
  • cash;
  • the value of material nature, products;
  • supplies for manufacturing;
  • finished goods, products.

Property of the production cooperative may also include biological assets, including - land, draft animal, objects of nature, perennials.

Order and sources of

How is the capital of the cooperatives? The law does not impose specific capital requirements or minimum contribution of participants. The order of formation of the property is determined by the charter of the association. Its provisions can include the following information:

  • on the amount of share of deposits;
  • about acceptable part of contributions;
  • about the rules of the deposits;
  • Sanctions for violation of the order and timing of deposits.

Property of the production cooperative is formed from such sources:

  • mutual contributions;
  • debt and / or credit facilities;
  • share of the profits directed to capitalization;
  • received a gift of property;
  • other income, obtained in the framework of the law.

The restrictions regarding leveraged. Their maximum volume should not exceed 60% the value of the association's assets.

Property of the production cooperative may also be formed at the expense of raising funds from the securities issue, eg, bonds. The exceptions are shares, which prohibited the release of cooperatives.

Asset allocation of funds

cooperative fundsCommercial activity involves the use of finance and other types of assets.

Since the property of the production cooperative belongs to the private property order it, he has the right to own, manage and use it for its intended purpose.

During the implementation of employment and capital investment cooperative produces various funds. Some of them are provided by law:

  • Mutual - size determined by the charter;
  • spare (insurance) - not less than 10% by mutual.

The charter may provide for the establishment:

  • indivisible fund - it includes only a part of the whole property;
  • a special fund - to compensate for damage to health, tuition fees, pension insurance and meet the needs of members of the association.

The right to property of the production cooperative are separated from the assets of its members. This allows him to meet the obligations to creditors and to conduct an independent commercial activity.

Unit trust

Initial production cooperative property consists of equity contributions of participants, which make up the mutual fund. When you create an association or membership in it enough to pay 1/10 fixed fee, and then within a year to make the remaining amount, or the equivalent of the cost of property.

Adding to share with participants joining confirms an agreement for the transfer of assets into a production cooperative. If the payment is carried out property, which exceeds the value of 250 MROT, it would take an independent assessment.

After the formation of a mutual fund production cooperative acquires ownership of the property.

The main indicator of solvency and guarantee the success of the cooperative is a positive balance between its assets and mutual funds. Failure to do so when summarizing the annual results of the association (starting from the second year) may lead to its liquidation.

indivisible fund

indivisible fundProperty, located in a production co-operative ownership, may be, used for the formation of an undivided fund. Relevant provisions are contained not only in the Russian legislation, but also in the regulations post-Soviet countries. for example, in Belarus (RB). Purpose of indivisible fund:

  • the development of innovative technologies;
  • technical modernization;
  • capital construction;
  • business investment;
  • Safety measures;
  • satisfaction of social needs;
  • other purposes, certain articles of association.

Indivisible fund the legal regime does not allow for the possibility of foreclosure on his property included in the debts of cooperatives. The fund can not be divided between the parties with the exception of the case of liquidation of association.

reserve fund

The procedure for creating insurance (reserve) Fund is determined by the law. The source of its content is a contribution to a production cooperative property, made at step education. It can also be used funds from other legitimate sources.

One of them is profit association. Its size is determined based on annual Balance Sheet.

Obligations of production cooperative covered by the reserve fund of the property or by collecting additional contributions. A decision on the need to make such contributions shall be made by cooperators.



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