What to look for when buying a robot vacuum cleaner, advantages and answers to questions

What to look for when buying a robot vacuum cleaner, advantages and answers to questions

If you do not want to rely solely on our opinion and / or would like to see the subject of discussion, Our buying tips and answers to the most popular questions at the end of the article, certainly, will be very helpful to you in finding the best vacuum robot for your needs.

price: Acquisition and follow-up costs

Although The best robot vacuum cleaner is not Must be Expensive , You should: Take a closer look, Especially when buying very cheap devices ( less 150 $), and find out in advance about the tests of the corresponding model.

from 350 dollars It is usually possible to get very good robot vacuum cleaners with modern equipment and good suction power. Like almost all technical devices, Vacuum robots have almost no upper limits.

If you are ready to invest more 500 $ The Robot Vacuum Cleaner, You've already reached the premium class. Here you can get the latest technology and the latest accessories, such as automatic suction station.

In addition to classic models, eat robot vacuum cleaner washer, which performs as dry, and wet cleaning, And this is an even better and ultra-efficient floor cleaning with any coating. The robot vacuums and mops the floor, and can also work in both modes at the same time.

In any case, you should also consider Follow-up costs, which will be incurred when buying a robot. Usually, Robot vacuums do not use vacuum cleaner bags, but Possible wear and tear Details, such as brushes or filters, can be even more expensive. So try not to fall into the cost trap, imprinted with a clearly low purchase price, Without wondering, How expensive can the device be maintained?.

The size of the apartment and the structure of the apartment

The size and location of your own apartment is an important point , which should be taken into account when making a decision. for example, There are already inexpensive models for small apartments with an area of about 25 square meters, But they are optimal for this size. Such a model, of course, will be too small for large apartments. Many manufacturers indicate, eg, on the packaging or in the operating instructions, On which surfaces and in square meters does the robot work optimally.

One more thing, Things to consider, – It `s that, whether you have a lot of furniture or other items in your home, which are easy to tip over. Our practical tests have shown, that some vacuum robots hit objects with relatively high force and, in this way, overturn or damage them. You can find information about this in various third-party test reports or in reviews from other buyers.

Do you have deep-pile carpets?, high edges of carpets, thresholds or stairs?

With cheap robot vacuum cleaners, due to the low suction power, it is usually difficult to clean satisfactorily even Carpet with deep pile. Sometimes they even get stuck on the edges of the carpet or high thresholds, Therefore, you should check before buying, Is your favorite model suitable for at least short-pile carpets and to what height can it overcome obstacles?.

Also measure the height of carpets and door sills. Although many robot vacuums can overcome small obstacles, They usually reach Maximum height 2,5 cm.

The size of the receiving vessel and the type of filter

If robot vacuums have a large vacuum cleaner bag or prefabricated container, this, of course, is an advantage, because the bag doesn't need to be changed as often or the collection container doesn't need to be emptied as often. Usually, you can find out, How big is the prefabricated container, in the product data or in the instructions.

Besides, uselessly, If the robot vacuum cleaner sucks up dust, And then it is blown back into the room in the form of fine dust through a bad filter. It is this fine dust that is harmful to health, and because of its small size, only in diameter less than 10 Micrometers, it can only be stopped with the help of special filters. Most of the new models, who participated in the testing of robotic vacuum cleaners, have a HEPA filter, that meets these requirements.

Recommendation: The prefabricated container is as large as possible and good HEPA filter – Always an advantage.

Suction & Cleaning

Of course, The cleaning efficiency of the vacuum robot also plays an extremely important role. The so-called suction power is often indicated by manufacturers in "Watts" or "Pa". Our vacuum robot test showed us, that these values can be used as a guideline, But on their basis it is impossible to make a definitive statement about the performance of suction in practice.

  • Inexpensive models costing less than 150 dollars sometimes they have Very low suction capacity – about 1000 Watt. Here, hair or crumbs often remain on the floor.
  • Mid-range vacuum robots (about 350 dollars) no longer have to have problems due to their better suction power, which is currently 1500-2000 watts or more.
  • The latest generation of robot vacuum cleaners (500 dollars or more), Usually, Works with about 2000 – 2500 Watt, which means, that very good cleaning results can also be achieved on flat carpets – but tall carpets and long-pile carpets on – is still a problem.
  • Most large brush or rubber roller, which removes dirt from the carpet and feeds it to the suction port, always contributes An important contribution to efficiency Cleaning.
Recommendation: Pay attention to the item "Cleaning efficiency" in the test report of the vacuum cleaner. Here we take a detailed look at the suction power on various surfaces in practice.

Battery life and charging time

The battery and battery life play a central role in the robot vacuum cleaner, so it can get the job done, which should be done in your absence.

Than Longer Battery life, the The robot vacuum cleaner will clean more space for a single battery charge. As a result, it can remove more in less time. Usually, Robot vacuum cleaner required 30-45 minutes per square in 20 square meters, It shouldn't be less.

The quality of the battery itself It is also important, Constant charging and discharging sooner or later means, that the battery will still have to be replaced. Cheap models without a lithium-ion battery have an even more limited lifespan and often cannot be stored, by inserting a new battery.

When purchasing, you should also make sure, What a vacuum cleaner can do drive up to your charging dock on your own, When the battery is nearing the end of power. It means, that you don't have to charge the robot vacuum cleaner before using it. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that, How long will it take for the selected model to fully charge.

Recommendation: We are Recommend A better model, which can independently drive up to the charging station and equipped with high-quality lithium-ion battery with the longest possible service life.

The height of the robot vacuum cleaner

The diameter of the robot vacuum cleaner plays a less important role. However, it is worth paying attention to the height of the model. If the device is too high, It will not fall under furniture and cabinets and will only make your work easier to some extent, because otherwise you will have to vacuum again under the bed or closet. Therefore, we advise you to measure your furniture, If in doubt. So you can be sure, that you have chosen a model of a suitable height and save yourself from potential inconveniences.

Recommendation: at Ideally, of course, The robot should be as flat as possible, so that it can move under all your furniture. Of course, There are technical limitations:, Therefore, now the flattest models have a height of about 8 cm.

Vacuum robot navigation system

The most expensive models, currently on the market, naturally, also have the most advanced navigational innovations. There are models, in which the exact cleaning area can be programmed in advance, which ensures maximum cleaning accuracy.

Since our The first test of a vacuum robot in 2015 year much changed in Navigation panes. Current developments in 2021 year in the field of navigation will clearly be directed towards the so-called laser navigation. You can recognize laser-guided vacuum robots by a small "tower" on the robot body. The determination of the position and measurement of the room always takes place in real time with the absolute accuracy of laser technology. Respectively, The robot vacuum cleaner can move around the apartment very accurately and avoid possible obstacles. Laser technology is partially supported by one or more cameras.

Old vacuum robots move around the room almost arbitrarily, can't go through some corners or take a very long time, because they don't work efficiently. it, of course, Impossible with a robot vacuum cleaner with a true navigation system.

However, there are cheaper alternatives, Such as models, which preserve paths and rooms after the first cleaning and provide the most efficient path for the area at the next cleaning.

Recommendation: The robot vacuum cleaner should have several navigation systems to recognize obstacles and stairs. So you can leave it to work alone, Without worrying, and make sure, that it is cleaned as thoroughly as possible.

Noise from the operation of the robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners vary significantly in terms of noise, that they create while they work. If the robot needs to be used only then, When you're not at home, This is a less important criterion for you. Otherwise,, but, You should pay more attention to it, Because the noise level of a robot vacuum cleaner can be so high, that you will no longer be able to talk calmly.

Specified The operating volume of most tested devices is usually from 50 to 70 decibel. However, this information should not mislead you. Usually, Not pure volume determines, Do we perceive noise as annoying?, And the frequency of tones. It is difficult to determine the number in decibels, whether the working volume is pleasant to hear or it is annoying. Therefore, in any case, pay attention to third-party test reports and ratings from other users.

Equipment, Exhaust station

The image shows the iRobot Roomba i7 exhaust station.

In the latest generation of vacuum robots, an interesting accessory has also appeared on the market. The so-called automatic suction station was first proposed by iRobot as an accessory for premium devices and is now increasingly finding its way into mid-range models and models from other manufacturers.

The suction station is quite bulky and very noisy in operation, But this decisive advantage helps allergy sufferers and people, who do not want to come into contact with the suction material. The dirt is automatically sucked out of the vacuum robot after the suction process and pumped into a dust bag in the station.

What advantages do vacuum robots offer and who is interested in them??

Also suitable for people, allergy sufferers

If you are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner, which is especially suitable for allergy sufferers, Pay attention to the latest models. A so-called HEPA filter is often used here, which filters the intake air and thus removes fine dust and pollen residues from the exhaust air.

but, According to our experience, A problem for people, allergy sufferers, is to emptying the dust collector, since it is possible to come into contact with the suction dust. This can be fixed with the help of vacuum robots with suction stations, that, but, still very expensive.

Easy for your back

Especially, if you have a large apartment and / or you vacuum frequently, Usually, it's only a matter of time, When your back starts to hurt. The posture when vacuuming is bad for the back, And this can quickly lead to painful tension. As the robot vacuum cleaner really sucks on its own after, how it was properly set up, You are unlikely to have to bend over annoyingly, and the back pain will disappear.

Ideal for seniors

A robot vacuum cleaner is usually very suitable, especially for the elderly. Often the load capacity is reduced, and vacuuming becomes torture. Using a robot saves you from this activity. If you choose robot with mopping function, all, What you need to do, It is to fill the water tank, And the robot will do the rest itself.

Also suitable for office buildings

If you choose a robot vacuum cleaner for the office, You can either save your time here, or money for cleaning by staff. If you have a small or medium-sized office space, Robot vacuum cleaner – The Perfect Purchase.

Saves a lot of time

If you vacuum at least once a week or even more often, This can be time-consuming and physically demanding. You can significantly minimize your work and time costs, by buying a robot vacuum cleaner and taking care of other things at this time.

Weaknesses and disadvantages of modern robotic vacuum technology

Still quite expensive

The cost of purchasing robot vacuum cleaners is still Noticeably higher, than for a conventional vacuum cleaner . Although there are already cheaper models, Still, there is a distinct difference in quality and performance compared to more expensive models.

You still have to use a regular vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners are usually round in shape. It may look attractive and logical, but does not allow robot vacuums to optimally clean corners. Here you can search for a square model, which is already on sale. Robot vacuum cleaners often fail to clean furniture and cabinets under and under furniture, Therefore, it is recommended to help with the cylindrical vacuum cleaner yourself from time to time.

Not suitable for deep-pile carpets

Most robot vacuums are less suitable for cleaning deep-pile carpets. Cleaning brushes can get into the particularly long edges of the carpet, and the robot vacuum cleaner will not be able to move. therefore, If you have deep-pile carpets, You should look for suitable models or vacuum the carpets by hand, And the robot vacuum cleaner will do the rest.

Small dust container (need to be cleaned very often)

Due to the small size of dust robots and built-in technology, located inside the device, There is often little room for a large dust collector. Therefore, it can happen like this:, that the robot vacuum cleaner will not continue cleaning, although the surface to be cleaned is not yet finished, since it must be emptied by hand.

Sensors don't always work properly

Obstacle detection is often unsatisfactory with numerous older and cheaper models. Model, who have sensors, which should provide information on abysses, often make it difficult or even impossible to detect light and dark backgrounds. It can happen like this, that a dark carpet on a light flooring is driven and not cleaned, Because the robot vacuum cleaner perceives it as an abyss.

Many older and cheaper models also have only touch sensors, which means, that they overcome obstacles and can recognize them. This can cause damage to the robot vacuum cleaner itself, as well as furniture. therefore We recommend laser-guided vacuum robots, optical sensors or even cameras, since they are much more reliable when distinguishing between floor coverings, and when obstacles are detected.

What we learned during the testing of vacuum robots, and what you should know

Not It is worth leaving the robot one in the apartment for First trip . Be extra careful, Especially if you have pets, and first make sure, that they react calmly to the new "roommate".

Always keep the room cleaned clean. Furniture, such as chairs, should not form corners, in which the robot vacuum cleaner can get stuck, and loose items, such as light vases, should not stand on the floor. Fasten the cables lying around, so that the robot vacuum cleaner does not catch on them, and remove deep-pile carpets and rugs from the floor.

Also make sure, what The vacuum robot can drive up to its charging station without any problems, so that it can be charged again and again and, in this way, Complete your work to the end.

Create (Virtual) Boundaries for a vacuum robot, in which he has to do his job. Today it is convenient and easy to do with the linked app, in which you can create virtual walls or close doors and / or build virtual walls, Using the manufacturer's accessories. In some models, these may be special magnetic stripes or infrared transmitters (Deprecated methods), that draw invisible lines, which can only be detected by a robot with its sensors.

Also keep the robot vacuum cleaner itself clean and empty the collection container and filters regularly (Compressed air from a can is very suitable for this). Remove dirt, which has settled around the brushes of the device, and also clean the sensors of the robot vacuum cleaner regularly, to make them work reliably.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What are vacuum robots good for??

Meanwhile, Some models have already been developed to this extent, that can almost completely replace a conventional vacuum cleaner in many households. So these are no longer expensive toys, And real au pairs. but, If you have in your house, eg, carpets with a very deep pile or the apartment is located at a large angle, Even these devices can reach their limits. In this case, they only guarantee, that the vacuum cleaner will have to be used less often.

When to buy a vacuum robot vacuum cleaner?

In fact, vacuum robots always pay off, Because today they can do a lot of work. but, first of all, It is beneficial for the elderly, for whom regular cleaning is too difficult a task, and for people, who don't want to spend a lot of time doing this housework, But they still appreciate the regular cleaning of the floors.

How long does the cleaning process take??

The robot needs about 25 minutes for a medium-sized room. The exact duration of the cleaning process depends on the size of the room and the number of obstacles, which she has to overcome.

How does a robot vacuum cleaner work??

In principle, The robot vacuum cleaner works the same way, Like any other vacuum cleaner, With engine, which generates a stream of air. Airflow attracts dust and particles. Dust and particles are captured by the container, The air is cleaned and blown out again. In the case of a vacuum robot, this principle, of course, is still associated with the platform, on which all sensors and drive motors are placed for independent movement and navigation. As a result, both together form an autonomously operating robot vacuum cleaner.

Are robot vacuum cleaners suitable for allergy sufferers??

Some models have special HEPA filters built into them. They can filter out even the smallest particles from the air. This can significantly reduce the exposure to pollen or dust in the apartment. Vacuum robots with an automatic suction station are also a novelty. The robot automatically approaches the suction station, and the collected dirt and dust are sucked out. As a human being, allergy sufferer, You are no longer in contact with dust and dirt. In the case of allergy sufferers in the house, it also makes sense to let the robot vacuum cleaner run every day.

Are robot vacuum cleaners suitable for seniors and seniors??

Due to their very easy handling, they are very suitable for the elderly. In most models, you just need to press the button after charging, and the robot vacuum cleaner will start working automatically.

How loud are robot vacuums?

Most robot vacuum cleaners have a volume of 60 to 70 decibel. The volume depends on the device, surface and set cleaning mode. Usually it is not a problem to be in the same room, While the automatic vacuum cleaner is cleaning. It is worth paying attention to the tone of the noise, emitted during the operation of the vacuum cleaner, It is the tone, Squeaking can most often be annoying, not volume.

The robot vacuum cleaner works on all floors?

The robot vacuum cleaner easily cleans all surfaces, such as carpets, parquet, tiles and laminate flooring. It automatically recognizes, On which floor is it located?, and optimizes the cleaning process. The exception is black or very dark floors. Unfortunately, The robot doesn't work here, Because he perceives black as an abyss and does not enter the territory. Many models have problems with very deep pile carpets, because the pile of the carpet gets tangled in the wheels and brushes.

What happens when the robot vacuum cleaner pulls up to the steps of the stairs?

The robot detects abysses, such as stairs, with the help of its sensors and avoids them. It can overcome low door sills up to about 2 cm.

What room sizes is the robot suitable for??

One battery charge is enough for about 40-80 square meters (depending on the model, pollution and the number of obstacles). You can divide large rooms with a virtual wall and clean them in 2 Stage.

Can a robot vacuum multiple rooms at the same time??

In principle, It's not a problem, But the robot vacuum cleaner can't cross the rapids above 2 cm. Here you will either have to move the robot manually, or overcome the rapids with the help of small ramps. If the robot vacuums multiple rooms, It is recommended to use virtual beacons.

How long does it take to charge the batteries of a robot vacuum cleaner?

Charging on average takes about 3-6 hours. You don't need to completely discharge your battery every time, You can simply recharge the vacuum cleaner after each cleaning process, so that it is always ready to go, When you need it. However, before using the robot for the first time, it must be fully charged.

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