Agile frameworks: why they are needed and how specialists implement them

Agile frameworks: why they are needed and how specialists implement them

Agile thinking – It `s that, what every team or project needs. And its implementation requires the intervention of specialists., who know for sure, What do we have to do. So, first of all, they meet with the management and find out, what are the goals of the customer of the service. It's necessary, to understand, how realistic is it to help him with the introduction of this very advanced technology. After that, the coach tests the actual project participants., that is those, who develops certain projects. He does it in order, to find out, what are the specific problems of the team and what interferes with its effective work. Usually, there are specific factors, identifiable.

The next step is to choose an Agile framework., which will work for a specific team. should know, what agile framework selection service, – it is not so easy, as it may seem, since the process is tailored to certain people and only after analysis. Moreover, it is assumed, that after selection, specialists once again meet with the customer of the service for a second discussion, rather – for the final determination of a specific solution to the problem.

If the customer agrees with everything, then a coach starts working with the team, explaining to her, how the development process will look in a new light. He accompanies and trains the team until then, until she has mastered all the techniques for the new process. Passing multiple iterations is required, because in this way the coach identifies emerging problems and solves them together with the participants in the process. Together with the leader, he determines the person responsible for the development process in the team and gradually transfers his role to him.. Thanks to this, even after the coach leaves, the team continues to work efficiently and efficiently..

Professionals, which help in solving problems, development-related, at first they must carry out audit of current development processes. It is very important, since it helps to determine not only the fact that, that the team is working ineffectively (it is often visible to the naked eye), but also understand the reasons for this inefficiency. It often happens like this, that the development process is poor, and the client doesn't even understand, why – this is where specialists come to his aid. Thanks to cooperation with professionals in their field, it will be possible to gradually correct the situation until the moment, when the team will not need the help of a coach and move on to independent work.

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