Business Accelerators: Turbo Charging for Your Startup

Business Accelerators: Turbo Charging for Your Startup

In the world of business, where the competition is indescribably high, Every entrepreneur and startup is looking for ways to accelerate their path to success. This is where business accelerators come into the picture — specialized support programs for startups, providing them with the tools they need, Knowledge and connections for the fastest and most effective development.

What is a business accelerator??

Business Accelerator are programs, focused on the intensive development of startups and early-stage companies. They usually provide financial support, training, Mentoring and access to a network of investors. The essence of such programs is as follows, that “accelerate” Development of the company in a short time, giving it a competitive advantage. Find out more What are business accelerators?, can be found at this link.

How Business Accelerators Work?

  1. Selection & Entry: Startups, Those who want to participate, pass a rigorous competitive selection process. Those are selected, whose ideas promise great success.
  2. Intensive Program: The acceleration program usually lasts from a few weeks to several months. During this time, startups are trained, mentoring and developing their product.
  3. Financial support: Successful participants receive financial support from the organizers of the business accelerator or can attract investments.
  4. Demo Day: At the end of the program, startups present their projects at a demo day in front of investors and potential partners.

Benefits of participating in the business accelerator:

  1. Training & Consulting: Gain expertise and advice from successful entrepreneurs.
  2. Financial support: Opportunity to receive investments for the development of the project.
  3. Expanding the network of connections: Access to investors, Mentors and other entrepreneurs.
  4. Accelerated development: An opportunity to take a startup to the next level in a short time.
  5. Resources & Infrastructure: Provision of an office, technological infrastructure and other resources.

Examples of successful business accelerators:

  1. Y Combinator: one of the most famous in Silicon Valley, who supported Airbnb, Dropbox, Reddit.
  2. Techstars: A global network of accelerators, working in a variety of industries.
  3. 500 Startups: Investment Fund & Accelerator, actively investing in startups.
  4. Business Booster: Business Accelerator covering more than 100 niche and helped to scale the business more than 800 Owners.


Business accelerators have become an integral part of the startup ecosystem, providing fresh projects with the necessary impetus for development. Participation in such programs is a chance not only for startups, but also for investors to discover the next giant in the business world.

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