Interview and honest feedback from the partner of the Easywriter franchise

Interview and honest feedback from the partner of the Easywriter franchise

Hello, Alexander. How long have you been in business?? Do you have experience in acquiring a franchise??

Good afternoon. I wouldn't say, that I'm just a businessman. I have been working as a presenter for about eight years. Many people in Chelyabinsk know me, My Profile – Wedding. Of course, In my work, I often have to be an entrepreneur. In addition to my services, I also organize performances of other artists and conclude contracts with venues and so on. But I don't really consider myself an entrepreneur. I hadn't thought about a franchise at all before and had never come across that question.

Tell us about the Easywriter franchise. Why did you decide to buy it??

Do you know, due to the difficult situation in Russia, I had to urgently fly to Kazakhstan. When I arrived in the city of Almaty, I seriously thought about that, to settle there and promote your services as a presenter. Of course, I didn't manage to take orders right away and organize events, And I needed some temporary income. At first, I even worked as a sales assistant in a shopping mall “Mega”. But I didn't last long, And I started looking for different options for working remotely. I lived in Kazakhstan for a whole year, And during this time, I did only a few events and realized, that the Kazakh audience is different from the Russian one, They need "their" presenters. I was trying to make money, Working as a photographer, Played with cryptocurrency, helped people with the exchange of money… And here it is, in May of this year, I purchased a franchise “Easywriter”. I learned about it through advertising on the Internet. Literally a couple of days were enough for me, To understand everything. When you are in a difficult situation, You do everything better and faster. I almost immediately purchased the mid-range franchise package, Because I always choose the middle option, although I can't explain it, Why am I doing this?. That's my principle, I guess.

I went into income almost immediately, Another question, that the first two weeks of the amount were small. By that time, I had started to open my own company in Almaty, And the whole routine with documents and accounting took up a lot of my time. Interesting, that my wife paid more attention to this work – “Easywriter”, She often observed, How do I learn?,listened to video tutorials in the background, And it was as if she figured everything out from behind my back. Eventually, when I was a little distracted by other things, She took up “Easywriter” and began to apply for texts, And in the end, It has become our family business. She communicates with customers, sells services from the exchange, And I use the service to generate texts, I check them and send orders. We can say, We are the team in this franchise.

You would recommend this business to others?

Do you know, I would recommend it to those, who is not very serious about business in general. Before our interview, I didn't even think about it, that it can be a business. I saw it more as a customer service. I was trained for my money, Told, How to sell services and where to look for customers. It's more like a semi-business. I think, that you can earn much more money here, but I came out in income about 30-40 thousand rubles a month, And in general, we are satisfied with this. It's like a financial base – I plan to build the rest of my income in other areas, which require a lot of my time and effort. I was lucky, that my wife is doing this. I recommend it to those, who does not have a lot of time and needs to earn from 25 to 45 thousand rubles a month. Once again – Say, that it can make more money, But as I mentioned earlier, I've only been in this business for two months. We spend only two or three hours a day on it, and sometimes even less.

How much did you manage to earn?

Well, At first, I was not very active in this business. In the first two weeks, I managed to earn about 9 000 thousand, This was due to the pumping of accounts on the exchange and small orders, But when my wife connected, We have reached level B 34 000 rubles for the first 30 days after the purchase of the franchise. I think, I could earn much more on the fourth or fifth day after training, but, possibly, I didn't go deep enough into the material. Right away, When we distribute tasks, My wife works with clients, processes them and sells services, I am engaged in the generation of texts. In June, we earned more 38 000 rubles with kopecks. We'll see, What's next.

What are the advantages of this franchise?? What are the disadvantages?

I like it, That it's easy to find customers – they come by themselves, If you do everything right – A lot of time is devoted to this training. The development team helps in finding clients and teaches how to work with them. The rest of the tasks can be performed by a sixteen-year-old child. the main thing – Sit out the beginning – Swinging an account on the exchange, It takes perseverance and perseverance, At least, At the first stage. You need to be mentally prepared to make the first texts on 15-30 rubles for 1000 Characters. And when the account is already more or less with reviews and statistics, It becomes much more pleasant to work. I'm still lucky – My wife quickly figured it out, And now we periodically receive 3-4 client per week, some are already regulars. On exchanges, the rating system is very important: The longer you work and the better your ranking, the more you can ask for your services and attract more customers.

To reach the intermediate level, which is quite enough, To earn money in the area of fifty dollars, You need approximately 2-3 of the month. And then that, Who is interested in going deeper, You can reach a much larger figure. Methinks, Ideally,, Here you can and 100 000 do.

As for the disadvantages, I didn't find any obvious. However, I can say, that things don't go smoothly from the start, And you need to sit and figure it out, Especially in leveling up your account. but, If you work hard, Customers appear quickly enough. No need to think, what “Easywriter” – it's a magic button – Clicked, And the money poured in. Here, too, you need to work and study – but, of course, in comparison with other businesses, This system is much simpler. You also need to get used to that, that at the beginning of the money will be a little for 1-3 weeks. You just need to get used to it and experience this moment.

How do you like the company's support service?? In general, the level of service of the franchise?

So here's the joke, that there is no need for special service, The main thing here is to figure it out, how it works, Complete training and start working. The text generation service itself works well, And the rest depends on your efforts and skills. There is almost no service here, because, that it is practically unnecessary. That's the joke. They give the tool, teach how to use it, Suggest, How to sell better and find customers, And then – forward, for free bread! I have never requested support.

What can you say about the price of the franchise? It, In your opinion, Justified?

Yes, quite! For three to four months, in some cases, even for two months, You completely recoup your investment. I chatted with the guys, Who is on franchises – There are guys there, who managed to do 60 thousands in the first month, But that's how I understand it, These are experienced copywriters, who bought a franchise. The main joke of this area is that, that you can make stable money quickly. But this topic is definitely not for those, who likes to earn fast and a lot, It's not a cryptocurrency or a stock. You just pump up the necessary skills to work with the service and find customers, to gradually increase your monthly profit! Methinks, This is the perfect theme for those, Who wants to, so that the wife also works)

Alexander, Thank you for your frankness! Good luck to you.

Many thanks! Glad to be of service. “Easywriter” – A good and simple franchise, There are no complaints! Recommend.

Author: Artem Nikiforov , Business Journalist

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