Moving to the cloud from boxed versions of 1C: pros and cons

Moving to the cloud from boxed versions of 1C: pros and cons

In conversation with customers – real and potential, – our technicians often have to answer a question like: and yet, what's better, 1With in-a-box or cloud version? In this material , an objective analysis of the advantages and features of the "cloud" system from the user's point of view.

The functioning of the cloud "1C" involves the use of modern, rugged, high-power servers, on which the appropriate software is installed, capable of handling multiple simultaneous connections, as well as SaaS technologies, the essence of which is that, that the consumer does not pay for the software package itself, a use of "1C", ie. not a program, a service. The most appropriate analogy is renting. The cloud is more profitable, it's indisputable. An example is the innovative cloud service "1C" Fresh.


Also cloudy "1C" is safe, bending, mobile, allows you to fully work on the "remote" and so on. Moreover, the most avid adherents of "boxes", once you go to the cloud (albeit involuntarily), then they do not seek to return to traditions. Surely with such pluses there are disadvantages.? Yes, there is and they will be mentioned in the first place, because our policy assumes maximum honesty to the client.

Pitfalls in the cloud, or cons of cloud "1C"

That's amazing, but most often the main cause, forcing you to keep buying "boxes" – and with them a bunch of papers, Printing, disks, etc., – it's psychology. Virtual space cannot be touched, and "box" – Here she is. Seems, that such complexes are "treated" by comparing accounts to the traditional and cloud versions. Buying a "box", you pay a pile of extra, not always the right things, using the cloud "1C" – only that, what is really needed.

You will always depend on the Internet. No internet – no work. "Boxers" (supporters of classical forms of delivery) cite Internet dependence as a fatal drawback of cloud solutions from 1C. But let's be consistent.: and is it even possible in the current conditions to work without the Internet? How to submit reports? How to carry out document flow? In light of recent events, even those accountants, who preferred dancing with tambourines – i.e.. courier shipments, "Russian Post", etc.. – have been convinced that, that the Internet allows you to solve pressing problems much faster and more efficiently. If something out of the ordinary happens and the server "falls" - the provider fixes the problem in a matter of hours, or even minutes. And then, cloud "1C" for fiber optic operation, strictly speaking, to no avail. Practice has shown, that for a force majeure situation a smartphone is enough, included in the distribution. The amount of traffic consumed is small, and mobile communication costs are not comparable to the volume of penalties.

Another nuance is that, that you can use 1C only until then, as long as the paid period is valid. That's understandable., we pay for the service, not for the software (cm. above). However, even after the end of the rental period, you can also safely use the data and information., uploaded to the cloud. Nowhere and nothing goes missing.

Next point: for additional services you have to pay. To connect "Reporting", "EDI" will indeed have to pay an additional fee.. However, according to this criterion, it is ridiculous to compare the cloud "1C" and "boxes". The costs of a traditional solution have never been limited to buying a yellow suitcase.. A ITS? And new licenses for new users? And regular infusions on the departure of the system operator for adjustment? The list goes on and on.. Meanwhile, the use of software from the cloud involves paying only for, what you really use, and maintaining operability as the software itself, and "iron", on which it is installed is no longer your problem. The cost of maintaining the operability of the entire system exceeds the fee for additional – and really necessary – services.

Many people are outraged by the closed access to the configurator. If this is your case, the, First of all, you can use terminal connectivity, this will allow you to enter configuration mode and refine the software, ad lib. Secondly, with a large staff of not always competent employees, the lack of access to the configurator is a separate and fat plus.

Perhaps, the only really serious downside – or, If you want, nuance, – it's compatibility. Indeed,, if the user has an old version of "1C" (seven), then the transition to cloud technologies may take some time and require the payment of a specialist. However, we can always offer the most favorable price tag for you, just contact us and state your requirements. Everything is solvable, and for reasonable money and in the shortest possible time. Well, if you have the latest version of 1C, then the transfer of the ecosystem to a virtual server will take less than a day.

The Tangible Benefits of The Cloud

And now - a few almost unbreakable trump cards of the cloud "1C". Basic – Zero, – trump: this is the full predictability of the budget. You are always informed, how much will be required for rent, and this figure will not change, eg, in connection with the growth of paper prices, introduction of a tax on blanks for CDs, etc.. Additional expenses are possible only when connecting the additional services you need.

  • Further. First of all, quick and convenient setup. Any, who at least once faced with the introduction of the "box", surely remembers those informative and exciting weeks and a half.. This is provided that, that the engineer from "1C" will come across conscientious and will cope with his task promptly and conscientiously. To evaluate the advantages of the cloud version of "1C", just enter your e-mail. Satisfied with the quality and convenience - the transition to the full version can be carried out on your own, without calling expensive engineers, and all data and information security are stored.
  • Secondly, Speed of getting started. With the standard version, "1C" will not be ready for work for another day or two or three after payment.. Launching the "cloud" rarely takes more than two minutes after subscribing. Payment, configure role-by-role access, synchronization – all these operations are available from your personal account.
  • Thirdly, Easy and fast updating. You do not need to fit into the schedule of a specialist and lose time, waiting for your turn for updates. The base in the cloud "1C" is updated without your intervention. You just have to use always fresh data.
  • Fourth, serious savings on licenses. Users connect and disconnect as easily as possible, at the same time, you can change the number of users even every day and pay only for those, who works in the database right now. (Remember, how much does a license per employee cost when purchasing a "boxed" solution? And if this month the number of users has decreased - say, up to three from five, – will someone refund your money for now unnecessary licenses?? Yes, these are rhetorical questions.)
  • Fifthly, even on an ancient grumpy PC, the cloud-based "1C" will work quickly and without failures. There is no need to update the fleet of working machines in order to, to avoid brakes on the user's side. Cloud "1C" is placed on a modern, a powerful server and will work as expected - the main thing is, ensure uninterrupted Internet connection. And the "freshness" and technical data of the laptop or PC do not matter.. Practice has shown, that with a stable Internet with databases, it is much easier to work with, and finding the right documents is much faster, than it is with the local version.
  • Sixth: your data is safer, rather than on a local server in the accounting department. Reliable HTTPS protocols, super-secure data centers and regular backups guarantee from the fact that, that an offended accountant or sysadmin will one day put an end to the normal work of the entire company. Your data will be available even after, how the lease will expire, they are easy to restore, download, copy. And of course, the provider ensures the functioning of protective circuits for the security of personal data. This is a matter of life for the provider, death and business reputation.
  • Seventh, work in "1C" will be possible absolutely everywhere - provided, that there is internet. (And what to do there during working hours, where it doesn't exist?) No more problems, Related to, that someone is not "at the comp": work in the cloud "1C" is available even from a smartphone (and everyone has this "miracle of technology"). Spoiler: if your business does not require a mandatory presence in the office, and employees are quite conscious, then why not save on renting an office? Cloud"1C" really reduces overhead costs - to update the FLEET of PCs, to printers and cartridges, Paper, other necessary office expenses. Why pay for air, if you can invest in the growth and development of your business?


so, what to recommend to you - the traditional boxed version or unusual, but a tempting cloud?

To answer this question categorically, without analyzing your business, Revolutions, qualification of personnel and a number of other factors is hardly possible. That's all you can say., what's for small, midsize businesses and startups the cloud is the only reasonable solution, as there is no service charge, it is possible to arbitrarily remove and add users, work remotely, including. without office (or in a very small area). As for the "boxes", then they give more opportunities for refinement to the needs of a particular client - this may be relevant for business entities, characterized by a complex structure, whose business processes involve many stages, steps, etc.. (Although, again, everything can be solved with a terminal connection, cm. above).

In any case, we offer the following: test the innovative cloud service "1C" Fresh right now, appreciate its amenities, Benefits & Features, and then make the final decision! For our part, we guarantee the most favorable terms of cooperation and, if necessary, any expert help – whatever you choose, "box" or cloud.

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